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From Behind the Curtain: Rediscovering Self

Published: at 10:30 AM

On this site, there is a series called “Mind Palace”. While this site has (and over time will contain) a lot of technology focused content, I wanted a place to explore concepts that are not tech related.

The biggest reason I have been rather silent over the past few years is the vast quantity of unexpected troubles I’ve encountered. They have forced me to adjust how I interact with everyone and life.

Everything from physical to emotional to psychological. It’s caused me to step back from being very active and look inside rather than out.

Not. An. Easy. Task.

There was a time when I would happily work 18-20 hour days 7 days a week. Heck, even back when I was working on my Masters I would lose myself in research fascinated by the subjects I was studying.

My health suffered for it. The result is that I have had to acknowledge that I have a weakness I never wanted to admit to. I’m human. Urgh. Bluntly, being human is annoying. We have to sleep and eat and that just sucks. It gets in the way.

I jokingly ask my husband when I can transfer my mind to a robot body so I can ignore everything but the mental pursuits of learning. I’m half joking when I ask.

Sum of all parts

Grudgingly accepting the vulnerability found in being human has given me a new way of looking at things. At the core of who, I am I am someone who wants to spread love and compassion, but to do that effectively, I have to be able to do that with myself.

Again, not an easy task. There’s always a new subject to learn, a person to speak with, a book to read, a game to play, (insert whatever excuse you want here cause I sure do)!

And here I am, with yet another website, another project, another …excuse.

But I have a plan

Most of the time, I am very quick to redirect conversations about myself towards others. Good at hiding thoughts, feelings. Great at “Keep On Keeping On”! Well, not anymore.

Nope, this time, by including the “Mind Palace” series on this site, I am going to explore all kinds of concepts that interest me. Music, games, ideas, philosophies, and even myself.

You’re welcome to completely skip this part of the site (or the site itself 😂). It’s in it’s own series for a reason! But if you’re up for it, feel free to explore, follow, and see just what makes me…human.