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Choice Paralysis - Advent of Code 2023

Published: at 02:06 AM

Advent of Code 2023 is coming. I’m insanely excited by this as I plan on participating this year while guiding some of those I mentor through the process.

My problem is picking which “language” I should focus on for AoC2023.

I am currently looking at picking from one of the following:

As you can see I’m kinda tossing around all kinds of languages, even some really old langauges just because I can. Thing is, I have experience with everything on this list, so it’s a matter of just picking one.

I don’t have the time I did when I was younger to just do all the things so at this rate, I may just doing a /rand and see what I get.

Granted, I know I’ll be doing a JS/TS due to what those I mentor have choosen as a focus. So maybe I’ll just pick something else to do on my own.