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Getting Macros and binds working in CoH/CoV on Linux

Published: at 03:06 PM

I mentioned in my previous post that I even have my keybindings and macros for CoV still.

Yet, due to how Steam’s Proton handles setting up games on Linux, I needed to go a few steps beyond what I would normally have to do.

To start, I need to modify my binds so they track local to the “Computer” it’s running on.

This means that there is a change:

# numpad0 bindloadfile "D:\CoV\binds\mm-necromancy\bloodall.txt"

NUMPAD0 "bindloadfilesilent CharacterName\mmbinds\all.txt"

I have to store the actual binds in the unique path on linux set up by Steam:


And in game, I run: /bindloadfile CharacterName\mmbinds\all.txt as the game belives it’s running on Windows.

Hope this helps others on Linux who are wanting to use macros in CoH/CoV.

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