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Making informed decisions...

Published: at 10:33 AM

A mercenary agent in the universe of Nite Team 4 (Fan post.. information in this post is for the game only)

This post is part of a series I wrote for the game Nite Team 4 - Military Hacking Division.

For many Nite Team 4 agents, bounties call to the inner curiosity innate in every one of us. The problem is that by just randomly satisfying the need to find that hidden information, many have no idea just who they are helping. I’m here to remove the blinders and help you make an educated decision. Don’t blindly accept a bounty without being aware of who it is you’re helping agent.. you’re smarter than that.


World “Intelligence” Organisations

Every time you step into the StingerOS, you’re digging into a world where you cannot please everyone. Your reputation will follow you. Just who are this “agencies” that are looking to hire you through Nite Team 4? I’ll leave it in your hands to figure out if you feel they worth helping. After all, I’m just here to inform, you’re intelligent enough to figure out the rest.

Good luck Agents. You’re going to need it.