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Making it up as you go

Published: at 01:33 PM

I’ve had a rough week when it comes to design, coding, and getting projects done. This happens on occasion.

The Challenge

Each time this happens, I get an influx of “imposter syndrome”. I question if I should be teaching, running a company, working for clients, etc. After all there are others out there who obviously are better skilled than I am.

The reality is that I am. Mentally, emotionally, even at times physically, I question that validity of that statement.

How do I overcome that feeling? That’s the real challenge.

The Solution

At the moment, I am taking a moment to step back and remember that even the people who I am inspired by, the people I compare myself, make it up as they go.

The world I am interested in, technology, is way too big for me to be an expert in all the things I want to be. Instead, I have highly advanced skills in a few topics, and intermediate knowledge of others, and still just glancing awareness of so much more.

I have to remind myself that just because someone can quickly remember how to do “insert topic here” does not mean they can as quickly do something I have advanced skills in. And there are going to be others out there who can out pace my advanced skills like I’m just a beginner.

I have a place. It may feel like I don’t belong right now, but I do have a place. Until my mind settles, I’ll just keep making it up as I go.