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Never thought I'd see the day

Published: at 06:17 AM

Hey everyone! It’s been a bit since my last post. This time, I’m shifting from tech talk to something more focused on mental health.

Recently, I got pretty worked up about how small independent businesses and industries are treated. It became a whole thing, which I won’t dive into here, but it led me to pivot the direction of my company.

This shift meant redoing my company website, a task that’s challenging when you’re also juggling clients, a dog, a husband, a house, friends, a blog, and my various obsessions: knitting, development, tech, and gaming. Something had to give, so I decided to put gaming and knitting on hold.

There was a moment when I finished working on the company site, turned to my husband, and said, “I never want to see my computer again.”

Me! I said that! And I meant it! I actually did something about it too—I spent a lot of time just sitting outside and reading.

It made a difference.

I only sat at my computer for client work and to finish the company website. (It’s a beauty too! Massive thanks to FireMane Studio for the computer 8-bit style graphics!)

So now what?

Now, I’m back! I’m moderating my screen time, spending a lot more time outside, and slowly reintroducing my obsessions. Currently, Dave the Diver has me equally giggling and annoyed.

I’m also exploring new technology, finding new clients, and most importantly, I’m happy. Just simply happy.

I’m not suggesting everyone do what I did, but I wanted to document this moment for my future self. While I could jump right back into tech talk, I wanted to start by reflecting on this experience.