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New Year, New Game! Rose Cottage Hype!

Published: at 10:10 AM

Happy New Year everyone (those that follow the Gregorian calendar that is). This morning I found myself looking to see what my year may hold beyond development, gaming, teaching, and learning when I recieved a Telegram notification in my Alice & Smith chat. Interestingly, there has not been a post in this chat beyond “bump” since May 9, 2021.

It was a link.

Look deeper

If you’re unfamiliar with Alice & Smith, I highly recommend looking at their games. I first discovered Alice & Smith when I discovered their Kickstarter for a hacking game called Nite Team 4. In fact, you can find several posts on this site from when I was doing some “Agent” style stuff in the “ARG/RPG”-thing. From there I fell in love with Black Watchmen and Ahnayro.

Their hystory is rather awesome as a company. They have been involved in all kinds of Alternate Reality concepts going all the way back to Secret World. More recently for fans of the TTRPG Vampire the Masquerade and the old school game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, they created an ARG called Tender.

Be there to participate

On March 1, 2020, a notice went out to all from Alice & Smith that they were “Going Dark”. To quote them, “To start off this new decade, we at Alice & Smith have challenged ourselves to pursue a world where absolutely none of our players’ information is tracked. None!” This meant that they deleted all player info, shut down their newsletter, and removed all Google Analytics.

Due to this, it’s super important to join their Discord to get updates.

Discover history and secrets

Back to Telegram link.

When I looked at the link, I felt that anticipation, excitment, and joy that is found every time I discover something from them. Their way of putting puzzles together that send me down rabbit holes exploring old nuclear facilities, strange disapperances, and the “unknown” captures me in a way that I only find when I get my monthly delivery from Curious Correspondence from The Mysterious Package Company.

However, Alice & Smith seem to take it once step further and I can’t even put into words just how much joy they bring me.

The link is a fantastic little journey to Rose Cottage Dairy Company. To quote Jarobi from their Discord, “Rose Cottage is an ongoing project by Alice & Smith, which allows players to investigate in game cases using real world tools.” Don’t worry though. You won’t have to perform an autopsy.

I’ve completed Case 1 and Cold Case 1 today. I cannot recommend it enough. Here is the link to Rose Cottage Dairy Company.

I wish you the best of luck Agent.