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The Start

Published: at 03:34 PM

One of the things I strongly believe in is that someone should always be learning. This is a core part of how I try to live my life. What I know, and believe, today may change if presented with new knowledge, facts, or experiences.


To ensure I am trying to maintain “the learn something daily” mentality, I have started this blog. I’ve had so many previous attempts that went no where before. Which developer does not have myriad of projects all over the place? Some started, some mid way through, few fully completed.

That’s me. And I intend to rectify this now that I am in a much better place than I once was.


I am now living in a dream home, with a dream husband, and a dream puppy. I run a company I am proud of, have clients I adore, and I feel I can now do all this learning in a more public manner. If you’re reading this, you are, in essence, my study and accountability buddy.

Thanks for that! 🙏


As I change and modify this Astro base blog template into new and interesting designs, I’ll be documenting it.

I’ll also be including things I learn from courses, videos, blog posts, etc, that I run across.

Hopefully as I go, things will get more and more interesting. Maybe you’ll even find something informative or even come up with a way to help me as I explore my favourite technologies and ideas.